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How to change the volume label on a VFAT device in Linux
You can use the mlabel command from the mtools package. That tool uses a goofy DOS-esque drive label syntax that makes working with arbitrary media, especially USB devices, cumbersome. To get around it and specify the device file directly, use the -i image option and :: as the drive letter. To change the volume label on my Cruzer mini, for example, I use the command mlabel -i /dev/sda1 ::"newlabel".
How to keep your Dance Dance Revolution mats from sliding around or sinking into carpet
Rubbermaid makes a plastic mat designed to go underneath desk chairs on carpetted floors to help them roll smoothly. The 36x48 mat is the perfect size to fit under a DDR pad. I've been using one, and neither the dance pad nor the plastic mat move around at all. You don't even have to duct tape it to the floor anymore! You can get them from staples for carpets or hard wood floors.
How to activate middle mouse button emulation on a laptop using a Synaptic driver
synclient TapButton3=2 ClickFinger3=2 LockedDrags=1 LockedDragTimeout=300 HorizTwoFingerScroll=1
How to make hp-wificonfig recognize a LaserJet 100 color MFP M175nw
Replace wifi-config=-1 with wifi-config=3 in the M175nw section of /usr/share/hplip/data/models/models.dat

Staccato signals of constant information

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