Dennis Lambe Jr.'s Open-Source Contributions

WeBWorK 2.0
As an Intern for the University of Rochester Math Department, Sam Hathaway and I wrote the GPL'd Version 2 of WeBWorK, an online math homework system written for Apache mod_perl. When I left University of Rochester in 2003, v2 was at pre-release stage. It has since been released.
I developed a patch for the PIC18F port of FreeRTOS that fixes two serious issues preventing it from running reliably. One involved the linker script violating the requirements of the C compiler. The other was a bad assumption being made in the context switching code. More details are available in my write-up and in the forum post about the patch.
I also developed a patch to allow adding new interrupts without modifying FreeRTOS source.
These two changes were uploaded as a FreeRTOS Community Contribution.
I submitted a pull request to OpenRazer to add support for the Razer Basilisk V2.
I submitted a patch to CMock that allows mocks to return data through pointer arguments, and another CMock patch that fixes a bug with mocking modules whose names are not valid C identifiers.
Pidgin (formerly GAIM)
I had a patch to record link targets in plain-text IM logs accepted for inclusion in version 2.0.
I also submitted a patch to Gaim's perl interface which was merged into version 0.48. The patch made writing perl plugins for Gaim substantially easier. This patch was superceded around version 0.68.
GNU diffutils
I wrote a patch to make diff --color compatible with less -R. It was merged for diffutils 3.8.
Armed Bear Common Lisp
I wrote a patch for ABCL to copy unrecognized command line arguments into ext:*command-line-argument-list*. It was accepted by ABCL's developers in February, 2010.
I submitted a patch to Bugzilla to add totals for Original Estimates, Current Estimates, and Hours Left to the top of the Time Summary report in response to Bug #286452. Work based on this patch was accepted and committed to the Bugzilla CVS in January, 2009.
I wrote a trivial but useful patch against gnome-pilot-2.0.10 that fixes a bug in the backup conduit. If you use the (undocumented) exclude_file feature of that conduit, and you always have to fix the damage the GUI configurator does to it, this patch is for you.
A patch I wrote for LAME 3.96.1 adds the ability to specify the "total number of tracks/elements on the original recording" in the id3v2 TRCK frame from the command line frontend and via libmp3lame. It turned out someone already added the libmp3lame half of that functionality to the CVS HEAD, but I put patches for the balance of the functionality into the SourceForge tracker which were accepted into the development branch in May, 2007.
I wrote a patch for gst-plugins 0.8 and one for gst-plugins-ugly 0.10 and CVS HEAD (circa March, 2007) to enable GStreamer apps to take advantage of my LAME patch.
I haven't written any code for XMMS, but I watched Bug #355 - Can't read/edit id3v2 tags in file info dialog for a while and consolidated the various patches that Yonas and company posted to that bug into one patch against xmms-1.2.8 that does it all. Note that this patch conflicts with the rusxmms patch.

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