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In 2009 I build a fairly elaborate sound-activated El-Wire trenchcoat to wear at Burning Man and related events. I call it Strobocoat.

Strobocoat is constructed from three components:

  1. A custom El-Wire sequencer circuit board designed and constructed by me
  2. Custom embedded software responsible for producing the patterns on the coat, written by me
  3. A second-hand trenchcoat with El-Wire sewed to it with fishing line by my grandmother (Thanks Grandma!) in a pattern designed by me

Strobocoat has sound-reaction capabilities, including beat-detection. This video shows the coat cycling through the various ways that it can react to sound.

When there is no interesting audio in the environment, Strobocoat can be switched into a pre-programmed pattern mode. This video shows the coat cycling through its various fixed patterns.

Putting it all together, here's Strobocoat playing some patterns while I spin sock poi.

Everybody wants to be naked and famous

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